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About us

Henan Windo Industry Co., Ltd is located in China. Its brand ibigbean is established in 2005,  has been a manufacturer of gymnastics equipment for over ten years.

Our factory, a 32,000 square foot facility, and our highly skilled work force is responsible for  totally hand-made operations.

We pride ourselves with our work and welcome any testimonials or thank you emails we receive. We will soon begin to compile a testimonials section of the website to help give our new shoppers confidence that they are buying from a respected company.

When dealing with ibigbean gymnastics Equipment you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality craftsmanship, fast service and the lowest wholesale prices anywhere in the world.

We have manufactured our products for over 100,000 customers directly from our website.

ibigbean air track

Company name: Henan Windo Industry Co., Ltd

Brand: ibigbean

Address: Broadcom Red Light West 200 meters, South Haibin Road, Etdz, Weihai.

Phone: +8613213104267