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Specifications : 

Product Name: Inflatable Slip N Slide

Type: Constant blowing system

Material: Plato 0.45mm PVC tarpaulin 

Size: 30m long x 3.65m wide

Color: Green and Blue

Logo: ibigbean

Accessories: Equipped with 2 blowers and repair kits

Warranty:2 years

Details : 

  1. Constant blowing system: This Inflatable Slip N Slide needs to be inflated constantly with blower connecting electricity. 
  2.  Plato 0.45mm PVC Tarpaulin: All our materials are purchased from Plato factory, the best material factory in China; Regarding material PVC Tarpaulin, It contains 3 layers which have a double-coated side with a strong net inside; It is okay to use 0.45mm in thickness as this city slide don't need to bear a bigger pressure. 

  3. Repair kits: including some spare material same as the city slide, come with strong PVC special glue.
  4. Warranty: For this Inflatable Slip N Slide, we would guarantee 1years. In warranty period, if there are any quality problems, we will take full responsibilities for instructing you how to repair and getting it re-worked, if failed, we will promise to make a new one for you
  5. Certificates: All our products have passed CE, EN71-2-3, EN14960, SGS, ROHS. 
  6. Package: PVC bags for the city slide; Carton bag for blowers.
  7. Shipping: On the website, price includes shipping fees by express.

    Regarding this 30m long Slip Slide, shipping by sea is the best choice if you don't need it urgently; If you need it urgently, shipping by express is also a good choice. It depends on your needs. If you need it to be shipped by sea, send us an email to check the price for you.

  8. Different sizes, colors, logo can be customized. You know, all our products are OEM.

Application : 

Regarding this type of Inflatable Slip N Slide, It must be placed on a slope with 15-30 angles, both street, and hill, so that people can freely slide to the end. Of course, you can add some soap foam on the slide to make it more smooth. Besides, when people are playing, you need to spray water with the water pipe. It is really funny and interesting. 

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